About Our Honey

Honey - Nature's Sweetener

Honey is a delicious, healthy sweetener providing natural vital nutrients and high energy. A satisfying sweet addition to your daily diet - enhancing the flavor of biscuits, fruits, meats, and poultry.

Fruitwood Orchards Honey is packed in various size containers with nearly 20 varieties available, liquid and crystallized. Lighter color honeys are milder in flavor, and darker colors are stronger flavored.

It's a Honey!

All natural honey/fruit spreads are a unique blend of U.S. Grade A pure fruit combined with crystallized honey. Contains no artificial preservatives or colorings. These spreads - blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, apricot, and cinnamon - are a delightful assortment to perk up your breakfast. Makes different snacks, too!

Other healthy sweet treats include: delicious apple butter (a creamy blend of tree-ripened apples and cider), old fashioned black strap molasses, and the ultimate topping - 100% natural maple syrup!

Another product that you will enjoy is bee pollen, a complete energy, high protein food.

When you buy a jar of Fruitwood Orchards Honey, you are buying pure, raw, unfiltered honey, containing all the enzymes, pollen, minerals and vitamins that Mother Nature, with honey bees, put into this honey. You will never find any artifical ingredients in our delicious, flavorful honey.

Often, when honey is extracted from the honey comb, heat has to be used. We strive to keep the heat used in this process to a lower temperature than the heat found naturally occurring in the bee hive.

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